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At McGregor Dental in Fort Myers, Florida, we believe that there is a fine art to gentle and quality dentistry. Part of providing high-quality dentistry to our patients are thorough and routine dental checkups and cleanings. This simple appointment with Cypress Lake dentist, Dr. William Shorack, is the foundation for optimal oral health and flawless smile. A dental exam at McGregor Dental in Cypress Lake, Fort Myers is much more than a teeth cleaning visit, the health of your mouth, teeth, and gums can indicate overall body health and wellness.

Tooth decay and gum disease can cause oral pain, but they can also cause overall health problems. Research has shown connections between periodontal disease and poor cardiovascular health. In fact, heart disease and diabetes are in direct correlation with a patient’s oral health. So a dental cleaning with your Cypress Lake general dentist at McGregor Dental goes beyond whitening your teeth and riding your mouth of harmful plaque, it can also reveal underlying illnesses that haven’t yet been diagnosed.

Your trusted Cypress Lake dentist, Dr. Shorack at McGregor Dental recommends that you schedule a dental cleaning at least twice a year, depending on your oral heath. If you have already been diagnosed with periodontal or gum disease, you may want to schedule more regular appointments to make sure it is under control. During a dental cleaning with Dr. Shorack, our dental hygienists will evaluate your mouth for oral cancer, periodontal disease, tooth decay, tooth fractures, and failing dental work. Commit to preventive dentistry today! Call Dr. Shorack and schedule an appointment for a dental cleaning!

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